Why using two monitors is better for your marketing

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Maximize your productivity (and health) with two monitors

For a few more years at least we will continue to use desktop and laptop computers in the workplace. That means we will continue staring at a monitor for hours each day while tweeting, writing, posting, designing, retargeting, etc, etc, etc.. If we are going to slowly degrade our eye site we should at least be as productive as possible while doing so. How do you do that? By using two monitors rather than one.

Using two monitors mounted on a dual monitor arm increases your productivity by:
  • making your workflow more efficient
  • letting you switch between tasks more efficiently
  • letting you access multiple programs and documents at one time (no minimizing and maximizing windows)
  • helping you see the “big picture” of what you are working on
  • keeping to-do lists viewable on one screen while working on the other
  • keeping your email or messaging program viewable on one screen while doing things on the other
  • letting you view two to four browsers at once  (again no minimizing and maximizing windows or switching between tabs)

To see proof of why using two computer monitors increases your productivity check out these stats via ESI Ergonomic Products.  

If you use two monitors instead of the one you get:
  • 33% Fewer errors
  • 18% Faster in errorless editing of multiple tasks
  • 16% Faster edits throughout the task
  • 10% More errorless edits generated
  • 6% Quicker access to tasks – Opening, sizing, aligning windows, etc.
  • 45% Easier task tracking – Finding windows, referencing text, etc.
  • 38% Easier to move sources of information around
  • 32% Faster to perform tasks
  • 29% More effective for tasks
  • 24% More comfortable to use in tasks
  • 19% Easier to recover from mistakes
  • 17% Easier to learn how to accomplish the task

When you have one monitor standing on your work surface your

  • The monitor is large and takes up desk space
  • Documents are compared on top of the desk and get buried
  • Cluttered environment – difficult to find objects

With two monitors mounted on an arm your

  • Monitors are lifted off the desk, adding space
  • Documents are compared side by side on the screens
  • Clean environment – easy to find objects

The added benefit: it can add years to your life

In my opinion, the main benefit of using multiple monitors mounted on a monitor arm is the following. Used in conjunction with a sit-stand keyboard tray, adjustable height monitor arms let you alternate between sitting and standing while you work.  This will help you avoid The Sitting Disease and add years to your life.

Here are some dual-monitor mounting solutions

Options include mounting two monitors on one arm or using two monitor arms.

And Sit-Stand Keyboard Trays

So, the point is this: we are all stuck with using computers to earn our daily bread for a while to come. This has negative impacts on our health. Minimize these impacts. Increase your marketing productivity. Use two monitors while you are providing useful information to make the world a better place.

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