Why learn coding? It will make you profitable.

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Code is eating the world. Future-proof your business by becoming familiar with it.

Why you need to learn about coding

You’re a business owner. A busy one with a hundred things to think about every day. Why would you want to know anything about software coding? Because every single aspect of your business strategy requires tools to execute it. These tools now run on code. If entrepreneurs are the engines of the economy, technology is the fuel.

Do you want to make smart investment decisions and understand the ROI on your accounting, CRM, sales tools, cloud computing, and operating software? If the answer is yes, you need to know something about code.  You need to know what you are investing in and how it is created and maintained. Wrong decisions can hold your business back and possibly sink it. Great ones can help you crush your competition.

All business software is moving to SaaS (service as a software) that you access on the cloud via a browser or mobile app. So, I am going to look at the coding for websites and their sisters, apps. They are what you are going to do business on from now on.

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Coding seems complicated, and it is a discipline that requires intelligence and extreme concentration. There is no doubt about it. There is a shortage of coders, and they make big money. But you don’t need to know how to code. You just need to understand the main principles behind coding.

Here’s how I did it

Do this to learn coding principles. Download and complete the course in the Hour of Code App for iPads or iPhones. A more intuitive way to learn is the M1M0 app. If you are on another platform, check out Code Academy on the web. They are fighting to make sure every student in our country learns how to code. These programs will help you understand the concepts of coding. And that is what you need. 

Bookmark this post as a resource to refer to later. But for today, read this post and the two articles below. They will give you a good overview of the code that makes up your website. It also runs the sites you use every day for every aspect of your business.

How to Read Your Website Source Code and Why It’s Important

Teaching Web Design To New Students In Higher Education

Coding is one of today’s most essential job skills

These posts contain generalized information for people who want to learn to code. Or improve their coding. Or want to help their children or grandchildren pursue it as a career skill.

How Coding Went Mainstream

There’s A Boom In Teaching People How To Code

Which Coding Language Is Right For You?

Save it for later – your coding library

Here’s a list of posts to serve as a reference library. Peruse these at your leisure for the topics you are interested in.

Thinking comprehensively about design

Like any product on earth, the thing that sets the winners apart from the losers is your site’s usefulness to the visitor. That’s why User Experience and User Interface are two of the most critical elements of any successful product. Your website is no exception.

The Lean UX Manifesto: Principle-Driven Design

The building blocks of a website’s code

These posts are mainly for web designers and developers who want to learn coding that makes websites work. But if you are technology savvy, they will be of interest to you as well.

What is the DOM?

Question about Frameworks, Preprocessors, and Libraries?

HTML Explained in 123 Tweets

A beginner’s guide to HTML and CSS

25 CSS3 Tutorials for Web Designers

JavaScript: Taking Off the Training Wheels

Github: the go-to warehouse of coding

GitHub is where developers store the components of the code they use to build your website’s functionality. It is a library of code that other developers can use and improve upon.

GitHub For Beginners: Commit, Push And Go

GitHub For Beginners: Don’t Get Scared, Get Started

How To Use GitHub Pages To Make Web Sites While Learning Code

Get Started With GitHub Pages (Plus Bonus Jekyll)

The future of coding

The tools covered in this post are the way more website designs will start.

Why Codesign Tools are the Future of Web Design

If you want to learn to code

If you would like to learn to code, it’s never too late to learn.

Learning To Code: Get A Degree, Or Just Teach Yourself? [Infographic]

Why Coding Bootcamps Should Be Regulated

Design and coding strategy

Finally, these posts look at the structure of your website’s content.

How To Maintain Hierarchy Through Content Choreography

Think Modularly

Cards: The Next Paradigm

Summing it up

Understanding the principles of coding is vital to making intelligent decisions that affect every aspect of your business. It can be intimidating. But like any challenge, if you take it on bit by bit, you can gain the knowledge you need to succeed in today’s digital business environment.

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