Use Storytelling and Emotional Branding in your Web Video Productions

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For epic results with your web videos use storytelling and emotional branding.

It’s time to get visual

Congratulations. You made one of the best marketing decisions of your career. You’re producing a video to promote your company or product. That means you are going to sell more goods and services. Here are some interesting facts from David Hall about Why Video Drives Sales.

  • More than 3 out of 5 consumers will watch a two-minute video that educates them about a product they plan to buy.
  • 52% of consumers say watching product videos make them more confident in purchasing decisions.
  • Video has a lifespan of four years. That is a great investment.
  • Web visitors are five times more likely to click a post with a video.
  • They are twice as likely to click through on an email with one.
  • Google ranks videos higher because they give the most information in the shortest amount of time.
  • Video attracts two to three times more web traffic, doubles time on site and increases organic traffic to your site by 157%.
  • 46% of people say they are more likely to seek out information on a product or service after seeing it on an online video.
  • Video boosts conversion rates as visitors stay on your site two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to buy.
  • But, 43% say they would switch to a competitor if the video quality was poor.

According to Scripted producing stellar video content helps in the following ways: 

  • More inbound links: SEOMoz found that video-embedded posts garner three times more inbound links than plain text.
  • Web video is booming on mobile: Web video makes up 50 percent of mobile traffic.
  • Higher likelihood of purchasing: Watching a product video increases a viewer’s chance of purchasing by 85 percent.
  • More on-site actions: Have increased conversions up to 9 percent.

Tell a story

There is one thing that has the most impact on your video’s success. It is storytelling. You must tell a story that engages, appeals to emotions and persuades if you want to convert viewers into customers.

The average adult attention span is eight seconds. The first eight seconds of your video have to be exciting and engaging enough to get them hooked into watching till the end. The Content Marketing Institute has noted the storytelling impact of visual content.

Video is great for today’s attention spans. It helps the viewer understand the essence of an idea faster than words alone.

The story of your video should have a shape with a design for the visuals that support the flow of the story. For most videos use the “problem/solution/desirable result” model as the structure of your story. Pay attention to the emotion and desired path you want your audience to take on their journey towards a purchase. Make sure your visuals reflect those elements. If you are producing multiple videos develop a signature brand look.

Use the power of emotional branding

“Words are only words. Without some feeling, they can’t be heard.” (lyrics by) Shoes

Give careful thought to mental context and mood your audience is likely to be in when viewing your video. Here is why:

Consumers are moving away from purchases based on functional and technical characteristics. More and more they are making buying decisions based on how they feel about a company and its offers. They do research for purchases online. They respond to online content based on the emotions it evokes. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to make an emotional connection with them.

Your brand is not part of your business. It is your business. It is how people perceive your business. Create positive emotions for anyone that interacts with your business.

Smashing Magazine has a detailed article on emotional branding.

“Emotional branding is a way to cause reaction, sentiments and moods, form experiences, connections and loyalty for your company. It affects people on a hidden subconscious level. Video was made for emotional branding.”

People make decisions based on emotion and then rationalize them with logic afterward. So you must appeal to both the emotional and rational sides of the human brain.

Emotions help us rapidly choose between good and bad. They help us navigate a modern world filled with harsh noise and unlimited options. So emotions are a good thing. And they are instantaneous. Don’t forget those first eight seconds.

You want to engage customers in a personal dialog related to their needs. Then you can evoke and influence persuasive feelings like love, attachment, and happiness. You need to pull them in with emotion. Do not push marketing lingo out at them.

To create an emotional connection, your storytelling should explore both your brand mystique and brand experience. Integrate your products or services into the story. Focus on what you want the audience to feel, think, and sense.

Great emotional marketing makes your brand famous and keeps it in people’s mind.

To connect with viewers on an emotional level, you need to include emotional triggers in your story. They include:

  • desire for control
  • I’m better than you
  • excitement of discovery
  • revaluing
  • family values
  • desire to belong
  • fun is its own reward
  • poverty of time
  • desire to get the best
  • self-achievement
  • sex, love, romance
  • nurturing response
  • reinventing oneself
  • make me smarter
  • power, dominance, and influence
  • wish-fulfillment

Use the appropriate triggers for your audience in the content of your video.

Photo of Walt Disney and executives.

Create a creative strategy

You need a creative strategy to determine the emotional branding content you will include in your video script. YouTube’s Advertiser Playbook is a strong resource for best practices.

Your creative strategy includes background information, your target audience, goals, and a call to action. Complete the information below for your creative strategy.

Background information

Company name:

Product/Service description:

Where the product/service is sold:

Target Audience (sometimes known as buyer persona) (who you are talking to):



Annual income:

What is important to them:

What do they want or need:

Are there upcoming opportunities for them to purchase (ex. holidays, seasons):


What is the main goal of your video:

What do you want your audience to do:

Call to Action

What is your call to action:


Write Your Script

Keep your creative strategy in mind when you write your video script.

Use these tips when writing:

  • Keep it simple. What is your one message? What is your signature experience?
  • Hook the viewer with a highly engaging opening in the first 8 to 15 seconds.
  • Address the audience as individuals (your buyer’s persona). What do you want them to think? What do you want them to feel? This is about them, their issues, aspirations and desires.
  • Write in a conversational tone. You want to come across as authentic.
  • Read it out loud. Does it sound right? People are hearing not reading it.
  • Use one approach. Pick one style and go with it.
  • Make it compelling to keep them watching till the end.
  • Close with a clear and single call to action.

What is the ideal length for your video? The shorter the better. The Next Web recommends these lengths depending on the type of video you are producing.

  • Tutorials/Explainers (45-90 sec)
  • Creative commercials (15-59 sec)
  • Crowdfunding videos (Avg. 2.5 min)
  • Testimonials/Talking heads (60-119 sec)

Summing It Up

A marketing video is one of the most valuable assets you can own. It has an online life of up to four years and is the most engaging way to communicate with your customers. It is one of the most effective ways to get them to take the action you desire after they view it.

Mobile Atom Media can work with you to produce the videos you need to achieve your business goals. Whether they are for advertising, marketing or training purposes we have the experience and expertise to produce ones that work. We handle all aspects of the video from beginning to end including:

  • consulting with you on the creative strategy
  • writing the script (the most important part of your video)
  • arranging the production
  • shooting the footage
  • selecting music
  • designing graphics
  • editing the final video
  • preparing the video for distribution

Visit my YouTube channel to see some of the recent videos I have produced. Then contact us to start using storytelling and emotional branding in your videos.

And be sure to see my Flipboard Magazine, Videoriffic – Getting Visual on the Web, for more information on the power of video.

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