Understand the elements of design

Good design makes you look professional and inspires trust. Good design lets your content stand out. Read this and understand the elements of design.

Marketing Essentials

To understand content marketing – first, understand the building blocks of great design

Good design is classic yet modern with the minimal amount required to achieve its purpose. This truism applies to Graphic Design, Print Design or Web Design. Design is good for your bottom line. Invest some time in reading these articles to learn more about the building blocks of good web design.

Great design is critical to your business. Your web and email design must not only be good they must be responsive to in order to work on mobile devices. These principles are also vitally important to your digital publishing efforts.

After reading this post and the links below, you will better understand the design elements that go into your content marketing. Then you will have a good idea if your web design dollars are well spent. Pay particular attention to spacing, typography and the psychology of color.

Elements of Design

  1. Content is all that matters on the web
  2. The anatomy of a perfect web page
  3. Using graphic design to increase visitor response
  4. Color and user experience
  5. Designing for the reading experience
  6. The web development process, from start to finish
  7. Ten ways the role of web designer is changing
  8. Design Principles: Visual Perception And The Principles Of Gestalt  

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