The Essentials of a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter is a fantastic tool for learning and sharing knowledge that benefits both you and your customers.

It’s About Knowledge

Like several social media platforms, the content on Twitter contains a fair amount of nonsense. A large part of its traffic involves commenting on television during live broadcasts and streaming. Politicians and “celebrities” can vaingloriously spout off about themselves. And it’s not immune from mean-spirited trolls.

Yet, it is still a valuable tool for small businesses like yours. You will benefit most from using it to get and spread knowledge. In reality, Twitter is more of a news platform than a social platform. Most people are readers, not tweeters.

How can you make the most of these potential benefits? Start implementing your Twitter marketing strategy by doing the following three things.

Listening to your Prospects

Social media is perfect for listening to your prospects and current customers/clients. People are not shy about venting on Twitter. They feel free to be more forthright because they can have an anonymous username.

It will be easy to see the frustrations and problems your customers struggle with daily. Paying attention to their tweets will give you the knowledge you need to develop and promote products that solve their problems.

Pay attention to what people are tweeting. Pay special attention to what they are favoriting and retweeting as well as who they are following. Follow your prospects’ influencers yourself.

Whether you use Twitter to market your business or not, it is a good way to educate yourself about your industry and customers. Take advantage of it.

Communicating with your Customers

Twitter is a mobile-oriented platform versus a desktop-oriented one. This makes it a great tool for communication.

Some businesses, especially those in consulting or tech, use Twitter to communicate with prospects and clients. It is very useful for customer service communications. Be sure to set up notifications for when you are mentioned in a tweet so you can reply within an hour. Set them up for new followers, retweets, and favoriting as well.

Driving Traffic to your Website

Like your blog, building significant traffic to your site from social media is a marathon. There’s no instant fix. Like email, you should never buy followers.

While it is a bit of a vanity metric, you will need to acquire followers on Twitter. To gain followers, you will need to share quality content. The best way to do this is via curation. There is more on this below.

Similar to your blog content, your Tweets should demonstrate your expertise. Answer questions. Solve problems, inform and even entertain your followers.

Be sure to share the evergreen content on your blog consistently. If your followers value the content you tweet, they will trust your judgment and visit your site’s content as well.

Acquiring Followers

@Buffer has shared ten effective ways to gain followers.

The more you tweet, the more followers you will gain. All the advice in this graphic is valuable. But posting great, shareable content and using #hashtags are critical.

Types of Tweets

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Marketing Essentials for a Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms help you understand your prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Get social to be successful

Social media are one of the three pillars of content marketing and using some form of them is essential to your business and its success. They let you:

  • listen to your customers and develop better products for them. These products will also be more profitable for you.
  • assist your clients with outstanding customer service. Or just to converse with them.
  • drive traffic to your website so you can convert visitors into customers.
  • demonstrate your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness.
  • help make the world and the lives of your clients better.
  • develop relationships and deepen customer loyalty.
  • increase awareness of your brand.
  • and so much more

This post provides you with the resources for developing a successful social media strategy. Read it now and bookmark it so you can reference it anytime your business needs some social media success.

You should determine which social media platforms are most appropriate for your company as part of an overall content marketing strategy. The posts linked to here can help you make those determinations. They contain detailed resources for learning about the myriad of social media platforms and what each one can do for your marketing efforts.

Social media marketing is a field that changes daily if not hourly. Consequently, I’ve updated my older posts on the social media platforms that are most useful for small business.

Social Selling

One of the most significant benefits of using social media is increasing the effectiveness of your sales process. It is a very efficient method to research prospects, connect with them, and then demonstrate your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness. Buffer has an informative post with detailed demographics for the various social media platforms.

See my post: Can social selling turn you into a rainmaker?


Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform with some incredible upside for driving increases in your revenue. It is one of the first visually oriented social mediums, and that is why it is so strong. It primarily appeals to women, but males’ use of Pinterest is on the upswing.

See my updated post: What your business can get from Pinterest.

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