Can social selling make you a rainmaker?

Learn how to use social media platforms as social selling tools in order to succeed in today’s sales environment. Explore these useful resources.

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If you want to bring in the big money you have to sell socially

The profession of sales is quickly changing, but the role of social media in sales is changing even faster. These new communication methods are vital tools that will play a big role in your future sales success. The concept of social selling involves using them in a strategic manner in order to strengthen relationships with your clients and customers. But before we get into what to do with your social media strategy lets take a quick look at how the sales process is changing.

By the time, a potential client contacts you they are 60-70% through the buying process. They have been researching potential products and solutions in a “self-service” manner on a variety of online platforms. In fact, here is an interesting question:

Has the Internet Made the Salesperson an Unnecessary Cost?

This article from Duct Tape Marketing takes a look at how you need to change your sales strategy in order to be relevant to potential customers. And most importantly how to be useful to them. Here is the main social point from the article: “Today’s marketing minded salesperson thinks like a publisher and builds their own expertise by sharing and crafting a platform.”

That platform is social media and you need a social selling strategy to succeed in today’s market. You want to be providing the information your potential clients have been reviewing in a self-service manner prior to contacting a vendor. You want to be interacting with them online before they get 60% of the way through the buying process.

So lets look at what you need to do to develop a social selling strategy. The following are a series of articles to get you started with social media, best practices for social selling, and a look at each of the major networks.  Continue reading “Can social selling make you a rainmaker?”