Marketing Essentials for a Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms help you understand your prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Get social to be successful

Social media are one of the three pillars of content marketing and using some form of them is essential to your business and its success. They let you:

  • listen to your customers and develop better products for them. These products will also be more profitable for you.
  • assist your clients with outstanding customer service. Or just to converse with them.
  • drive traffic to your website so you can convert visitors into customers.
  • demonstrate your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness.
  • help make the world and the lives of your clients better.
  • develop relationships and deepen customer loyalty.
  • increase awareness of your brand.
  • and so much more

This post provides you with the resources for developing a successful social media strategy. Read it now and bookmark it so you can reference it anytime your business needs some social media success.

You should determine which social media platforms are most appropriate for your company as part of an overall content marketing strategy. The posts linked to here can help you make those determinations. They contain detailed resources for learning about the myriad of social media platforms and what each one can do for your marketing efforts.

Social media marketing is a field that changes daily if not hourly. Consequently, I’ve updated my older posts on the social media platforms that are most useful for small business.

Social Selling

One of the most significant benefits of using social media is increasing the effectiveness of your sales process. It is a very efficient method to research prospects, connect with them, and then demonstrate your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness. Buffer has an informative post with detailed demographics for the various social media platforms.

See my post: Can social selling turn you into a rainmaker?


Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform with some incredible upside for driving increases in your revenue. It is one of the first visually oriented social mediums, and that is why it is so strong. It primarily appeals to women, but males’ use of Pinterest is on the upswing.

See my updated post: What your business can get from Pinterest.

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The Essentials of Pinterest Marketing

Images and video are driving engagement on the web and social media. Pinterest helps you with both.

Here’s what your business can get from Pinterest

You’ve no doubt heard of Pinterest, a virtual and quite shareable bulletin board of a social media platform. Like Instagram and Tumblr, it’s a visually-oriented one. Pinterest is more focused on emotions than some of its counterparts. It’s current demographics lean toward women, but more and more men are using it.

With Pinterest, you create a variety of boards based around topics. These should focus on your core content, what your audience’s interests are, and what you want to communicate.

It is also very useful as a vehicle for highlighting your product categories. You share information, especially benefits, about individual products with “pins.” Thus, it can be a valuable supplementary catalog of your products. Up can even use Pinterest to drive traffic to your retail location(s) or sell products with Buyable Pins.

Pins link back to pages or posts on your website or to content you are curating. When you post interesting, informative, and entertaining content people will follow your boards. They will like and share your pins.

You will want to pin consistently. Images with text overlays and that are vertically oriented do better. And always include a call to action.

Create a company page

If you are a business, you will want to set up a company page.

Optimize your “about us” section with search in mind. Be sure to do the same with your board descriptions and names. Like any content marketing use the language and phrases, your audience does when searching for your products. Use unique and specific hashtags as category references but don’t use too many of them in individual posts.

Most importantly don’t forget to add your website address.

Include your keywords in the names and alternative descriptions of company images you pin.

Pinterest may be perfect for you if you are a:

  • style-focused business
  • food-focused business
  • craft brewer or distiller
  • design-focused business (especially home decor)
  • craft/DIY oriented business
  • photography-focused business
  • art-focused business
  • tattoo parlor
  • travel-focused business
  • outdoor sports-focused business
  • B&B, Air B&B, or resort
  • any business focusing on customization

Be sure to add a link to your Pinterest profile on your website and make it easy for visitors to pin content from your site. Promote your profile on other social media channels and in your email marketing.

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