Add the power of visual marketing to your toolbox with Slideshare

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Like social media platforms Pinterest and Instagram, Slideshare’s success is due to the power of visuals.

Ah, slide presentations. You want to view one of these as much as you want a hole in the head or a severe case of COVID-19. Right? Maybe not.

Incredible as it may sound, they are an effective way to reach prospects via LinkedIn’s sister company and platform, Slideshare. It has more than 70 million, business-oriented users. Surprisingly, SlideShare has five times more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Like many tools, slide presentations or decks are poorly developed and presented by 95% of their users who give the technology an undeserved reputation. And to use them successfully on Slideshare decks have to be especially well-designed. After all, they are not going to have a speaker talking about them. But, maybe that’s a good thing since few presenters are worth listening to in any case.

Design tips for Slideshare

  • Your images and graphics must be compelling.
  • Keep the aesthetics consistent with your branding.
  • The formatting and typography of your text must be easy to read.
  • Divide your content into sections with descriptive keyword-focused sub-headings.
  • Use callouts to highlight specific areas of your slides.
  • Use title, organization, and narration slides.
  • Tell a dramatic story and keep it simple.
  • Make it urgent, useful, and unique.
  • Encourage sharing of your content.
  • Include a visual call to action.

If your decks are convincing people will like and share them. They can also follow you as a presenter and receive notifications whenever you upload new presentations.

You can add videos and pdfs to Slideshare, but decks work best. A hybrid approach could involve adding audio to your presentations and showing them as a video. This strategy would also allow you to share the content to YouTube.

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