Why using two monitors is better for your marketing

Maximize your productivity (and health) with two monitors

For a few more years at least we will continue to use desktop and laptop computers in the workplace. That means we will continue staring at a monitor for hours each day while tweeting, writing, posting, designing, retargeting, etc, etc, etc.. If we are going to slowly degrade our eye site we should at least be as productive as possible while doing so. How do you do that? By using two monitors rather than one.

Using two monitors mounted on a dual monitor arm increases your productivity by:
  • making your workflow more efficient
  • letting you switch between tasks more efficiently
  • letting you access multiple programs and documents at one time (no minimizing and maximizing windows)
  • helping you see the “big picture” of what you are working on
  • keeping to-do lists viewable on one screen while working on the other
  • keeping your email or messaging program viewable on one screen while doing things on the other
  • letting you view two to four browsers at once  (again no minimizing and maximizing windows or switching between tabs)

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Power tools you need in your content marketing toolbox

There are many marketing mediums requiring strategic and creative tools in order to be used successfully. 

Marketing Essentials

The power tools you need in your content marketing toolbox

Most businesses are small businesses. And yours is probably no different. Unfairly or not you, have to compete with larger and better-funded opponents. Content Marketing is a weapon that your David can use against their Goliath. But to do it right, you have to have the right tools. This post lists many that can help you attract visitors to your website and convert them into customers.

There is an ever-growing myriad of digital marketing mediums and platforms. And they require many marketing tools in order to be used successfully. These include strategic and creative tools. In this post, I want to share some useful lists of mostly free ones that I’ve come across. I will also note which tools I use in the various categories to create effective content marketing.

Before I get into the lists, let’s look at the dominant player in content production tools, Adobe. For your in-house design and marketing efforts, Adobe’s Creative Cloud products are a no-brainer. Programs like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator allow you to create project proposals and marketing pieces that as are as professional as any on earth. This service is a paid cloud-based toolbox that is an incredible value in my opinion. The price is around $50 a month and up. You get every creative program Adobe makes and always have the most up to date version.

See all the Adobe Creative Cloud programs here
. They allow you to create print advertising, websites, eBooks, videos, podcasts, animations, mobile apps, and more. So if you are creating your content marketing pieces, I recommend using what I do, Adobe Creative Cloud.

However, the lists below include free and nearly free marketing tools that let you do some of the same things designers do with Adobe’s professional-grade products. You must have a strategic plan in place before begin creating any marketing content, and a few of these lists describe tools for developing one.

So whether you want to create some of your content marketing in-house, are a freelance designer, or just want to understand what your agency or content strategy partner is talking about when it comes to production – here is some useful knowledge to absorb.

Read through the post first and then go back to check out the lists and other links. Bookmark this page to reference later. It is extensive, and you may want to peruse it at your leisure.

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