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If you are visiting because you have seen our social media postings for the Space Coast Art Festival 2014 thanks for doing so. We can help you promote your small business as well. And do so with the atomic power of social media. Social Selling can make you a rainmaker. It is an essential power tool in your marketing toolbox. It is vital to your image, credibility and trustworthiness. It can be the difference between a profit or a loss at the end of the year. Whether your audience is on Pinterest, TwitterGoogle+, Facebook, LinkedIn, web video channels like YouTube or are active blog nuts we are here to make sure you get results with your social media.

Here are some packages and pricing for growing your business with social media:

The Art of Social Media

Monthly Social Media Posting Plans

All plans include an initial consultation to develop a social media strategy based upon your business goals. What your target audience is interested in and the social media platforms they are active on will determine your posts’ content. They consist of strategically optimized content with useful information that will provide a return on investment to your business. There is a minimum twelve-month contract. It takes time to develop your audience and achieve the results you are looking for.


$49 – 4 social media posts on up to 5 platforms per month.


$75 – 8 social media posts on up to 5 platforms per month.


$99 – 12 social media posts on up to 5 platforms per month.


$149 – 20 social media posts on up to 5 platforms per month. These plans are based on a four-week month. Twelve months of four weeks equal 48 weeks. Since posting for you every week is easier for me that means you get 52 weeks of posting per year. It is easy math to see you get one four-week month of FREE posting per year.

Customized plans are also available.

Depending on the plan you invest in I recommend posting with a 3, 4 or 5 to 1 ratio of useful curated content that helps your audience to promotional posts of your content. That is the way to grow your followers. You want to share not shill. Of course, we do more than just social media. We provide a complete content marketing solution for your small business.

Reuben Walker of Mobile Atom Media of Winter Park, FL

I’m Reuben Walker. I provide advice and share resources for using content marketing via blogs, websites, social media and email marketing. Why? I do it so you can increase leads and sales for your business as well as deepen customer loyalty. All of this creates extra revenue.

Thanks for your interest in Mobile Atom Media of Winter Park, FL and contact me today to take your media into orbit.

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