Marketing Essentials for Small Business

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Media, not Marketing – The Essentials of Communication

“content marketing … delivers, per dollar, three times the leads as traditional marketing avenues costs 62% less and has been ranked as the single most effective strategy for SEO.” Content Marketing Institute.

The purpose of marketing (and in today’s world that means media) is to convert desires into action. The desires belong to your potential and existing customers. The action is what you want them to do after engaging with your media.

In its simplest form, a success marketing strategy does one thing. It allows you to build a platform for useful content. This content must solve the problems of your audience.

There are three pillars that support your content platform. They are media channels. These channels are your website (found via search), your email communications and use of social media. And just like a stool with three legs you have to have all three if you want your marketing to hold your business up. By the way, the legs are not symmetrical regarding effort and time commitment. I recommend you spend 75% of your marketing efforts on your site and blog, 15% on email marketing and 10% on social media.

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin

If you want to succeed, your content should do the same thing your products and services do. Solve people’s problems and make their lives better. It’s that simple. But not necessarily easy.

“The internet is a giant machine to give people what they want.” Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter.

The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design is dead on whey they say you need to know what to put in these blanks: “My users/customers need a better way to __________, because ___________.” If you fill in those blanks with the right answers, you can choose/produce the products you need to solve your customer’s problems and improve their lives.

Your media communications/content marketing must impart those solutions to your customers. You must demonstrate and build upon your authority as someone who knows what they are doing to gain trust from your audience. Your brand must publish useful content that accomplishes these two goals. If you do, your readers will do you want them to do.

“It’s media, not marketing.” Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger.

This resource is a living playbook that we will often update. It has to be because content marketing in today’s economy changes daily. It will provide you with a framework for a content strategy that will help you achieve your organization’s goals. You will fill in the essential details that are unique to your business to make it work. Or if you are a client of Mobile Atom Media I will be helping you.

Your content marketing foundation will be your website and more specifically your blog. It is the home of your permanent revenue generating content. It is the marketing real estate that you and no one else owns. To help build your traffic and efficiently communicate and spread your content, you will incorporate an effective email strategy into your overall content strategy. Finally, you will use social media to spread your content further and drive traffic to your site. If you integrate these three pillars of content marketing into a coherent and sound content strategy, you will succeed. Period.

We will look at all three of these important communication channels. And craft a simple and easy to use, process that will let you communicate your core value proposition to the target market(s) you need to reach. This guide will help you gain new clients and increase loyalty among existing customers. Both bring you more revenue.

There is a real return on investment for content marketing. It is not a cost. It is an additional sales person that will put more money in your bank account at the end of the month. And it lasts. Your site’s content will be searchable, and if well done it will be findable for years to come. It is evergreen media that keeps working for you year after year.

Read the introduction first. Afterward, if you are looking for a few quick pointers for an individual aspect of your marketing skip to the relevant chapter. The chapters reference previous ones, but your media communications are part of a permanent evolving platform that you constantly need to tweak and enhance. Implementing the smallest best practice for any aspect of it will move you forward.

Thanks for investing the time to improve your business and making the world a better place for your customers. And feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments.

Reuben Walker, founder of Mobile Atom Media

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Table of Contents

PrefaceMarketing Essentials for Small Business

Introduction – Why Media, not Marketing

Part 1 – The First Pillar: Your Website and Blog

Chapter 1 – The Home You Own for Your Content Marketing
Chapter 2 – WordPress and Nothing Less
Chapter 3 – Blog Posts are the Most
Chapter 4 – Copywriting = Sales
Chapter 5 – Landing Pages Ask for the Sale
Chapter 6 – Search Optimization brings the Eyeballs
Chapter 7 – Analytics Drive Decisions

Part 2 – The second pillar: Email

Chapter 8 – Mobile-First Email Marketing
Chapter 9 – Elements of an Effective Email

Part 3 – The third pillar: Social Media

Chapter 10 – Social Selling
Chapter 11 – Twitter
Chapter 12 – Facebook
Chapter 13 – LinkedIn
Chapter 14 – SlideShare
Chapter 15 – Pinterest
Chapter 16 – Google Plus
Chapter 17 – Other Platforms

Conclusion – How Mobile Atom Media brings it together and makes it easy for you

Glossary – Definitions for terms

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