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Welcome. I’m Reuben Walker, and Mobile Atom Media (located in Orlando, FL) is my company, pride and joy, and sometime nemesis. If you are a small business owner in today’s chaotic business environment, I am sure you can relate. 

I use the “three pillars” of content marketing to help you grow your business.

What is content marketing? It is a form of “inbound” or “pull” marketing where you draw people to your site because of the search optimized content you place on it.

That content demonstrates your expertise, builds your authority, and gets your audience to like and trust you. It also moves them through the buyer’s journey and gets them to buy your products. Then it helps you retain them as happy, loyal customers who advocate for your business.

Why I want to work with you

Having worked in small businesses, corporate ones, and for myself, I have seen the good, bad, and the ugly of commercial life in America. I am sure you are no different. It is one that for better or worse is stacked in favor of large corporations and big finance.

“Small business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient, and the persistent. It’s for the overcomer.” Unknown

Fortunately, hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit allow small businesses to succeed despite the odds against them. As small business owners, we know success is a long-term endeavor, not a greed-driven, short-sighted objective.

Small businesses like Mobile Atom Media and yours have an advantage over the behemoths of corporate America. The brilliant book, The Bootstrapper’s Bible by Seth Godin, covers it in detail. Among other things, your advantage includes:

  • having nothing to lose
  • being happy with small fish
  • having total control
  • having fast and focused R&D
  • having little overhead
  • being the underdog
  • having time

You are free of the tyranny of shareholders. You are nimble and have the freedom to react quickly and intelligently to a challenging marketplace. While you may be weighed down with responsibilities at times, you are not burdened with bureaucracy. You can learn, make intelligent decisions and get things done. That is how you compete with your larger competitors.

I want to work with you to level the playing field and beat those with an unfair advantage at their own game. I want to help you grow your business. I want to help you take control of the chaos of today’s marketing environment. And to make a better life for you, your family, and employees.

Most likely you are not an entrepreneur because you want to exploit the system and get rich quickly. You have a passion for what you do, are dedicated to helping your customers succeed, and want to make the world a better place. I am no different.

My story

I grew up on a cattle farm in what at that time was rural West Georgia about an hour from Atlanta. From shortly after acquiring the ability to walk, I entered the world of work (aka chores). Moving from picking garden vegetables to every aspect of animal husbandry, I grew up with the classic American work ethic. Hard work and responsibility were ingrained into me. In my spare time from chores and school, I had the good fortune to enjoy fishing, the beauty of nature, and play sports with a large number of cousins.

I attended the University of Georgia where I set about academic life and newfound freedom to “have fun” with equal zeal. I completed my degree in journalism, graduated with honors, played in a punk rock band, and reveled in the delights of a bohemian Athens, GA.

In the years that followed, I worked in the video department of a large utility, ran my own video production company, prepared the family business for my father’s retirement, managed marketing for several commercial office design firms, and worked for one of the largest niche publishers in America.

Throughout the years, I put in the effort necessary to succeed and had a strong commitment to acquiring as many skills and as much knowledge as possible. All that hard work set me up for the success I enjoy with Mobile Atom Media.

The website, How to Fascinate, has an innovative test that determines which of 49 Personality Archetypes fits you. I’m “The Maverick Leader.” It is surprisingly accurate as to the type of person I am.

Reuben Walker personality type

In addition, Adobe has a my creative type website and I come out at “The Artist”. Select the image for details that are fairly accurate. Although I am not sure the portrait is. 😉

Reuben Walker Creative Type

What does Mobile Atom Media do for you?

My mission is to give you advice on using digital media to generate more leads and gain additional revenue from existing customers. I provide resources for using content marketing on sites, blogssocial media, online video, and email. The customer-centric information we will “publish” on them helps your marketing succeed by increasing your authority and building trust.

My experience and knowledge allow me to work with you to generate leads that result in sales, as well as increase loyalty from existing customers. They also allow me to do it faster and less expensively than my competition. I create the media that you use in your content marketing. I help you control the chaos of an ever-changing marketing environment.

What is the material that goes into your content marketing? It’s what fills in the blanks of the following sentence. My users/customers need a better way to __________, because ___________. If you know that then you can choose/produce the products you need to solve their problems and improve their lives.

Your media communications/content marketing must impart those solutions to your customers. If you do that successfully, they will buy them from you. I can help you develop the strategy and content to make this happen. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me.


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Reuben Walker


Reuben is Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and its division Mobile Atom Code. In addition to his content and design specialties, he is also a full-stack developer.


An ABJ graduate of the University of Georgia and MA graduate of Georgia State University, he lives in Orlando, FL, with his wife and English lab. He received his full-stack certification from the University of Central Florida.

For great curated and original content on entrepreneurship, content, design, and code, follow him on the social media platform of your choice via the icons in this site’s footer. Or join the 42,318+ followers of his Flipboard Magazines.

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